Sales & Marketing


Badgerland Trading Company will sell plumbing supply products in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We have people who have worked in this area for over thirty years and have made many contacts and associations in that time.

The Wisconsin market can be considered a fairly "traditional market." What we mean is that a manufactured product often follows a chain of distribution from manufacturer to distributor to contractor. Customers in the state do not easily change from following this pattern. That is why BTC's primary market is the distributor. Sales calls to the distributor will include discussions of the product features and benefits as well as how to handle any question the distributor may be asked. We will also be involved with making sure distributors have an adequate supply of inventory and that returns and defective products are expedited promptly.

However, there is a change taking place in our market. In the past, distributors have been independently owned and operated, but recently many have shifted to larger network chains. This means that, as a representative, we have to flex to their way of business. Often times these distribution networks deal in volume purchasing, but also do not have the loyalty found with the independent owners. Network distributors often bleed other market conditions into our market. That is why working with the secondary market (specifying engineers, Mechanical contractors and major residential contractors) has become a vital part of our business.

We have had excellent success working with specifying engineers and architects. This is a very important process in today's building procedures. BTC will do its best to obtain the specification. This will entail making sales calls with engineers, delivering catalogs and/or new product update and general discussing about the product. Working with the specifying engineers and architects will also help us to learn about future jobs and opportunities.

Working with mechanical contractors can be just as profitable. We will work with mechanical contractors to get your product ordered. We will make field service calls to help with any questions that may arise. After the sale they can be a valuable tool to learn what advantages there are to a certain product, allowing us to use the information as a selling feature.


There is a reasonable amount of competition in the Badgerland Trading Company selling area. Within the region there are areas that have heavier competition from bleed-over territories. The areas we have to take a more aggressive approach include the Illinois border North of Chicago and the Minnesota border East of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

BTC has several advantages over many representative firms. Many existing reps are complacent with existing lines, and we plan on using that to our advantage. We are and will remain aggressive and hungry, which creates a powerful combination. Where existing firms simply dismiss new product lines, BTC will seriously look at new product to find a marker for it. BTC also knows the value of support before, during and after the sale. More than just selling the product, BTC is there to promote it through every phase.

Sales & Promotions

Sales and Economy in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan have been steady with encouragingly consistent growth. But that does not mean we have stayed static. By identifying the changes in our industry BTC will not get lost in the pack. We rely on the experience and knowledge of our personnel to recognize these changes, but we also use outside information to find out what future trends will be coming. Because markets are constantly changing we will use our experience in this area to make the transitions constantly changing we will use our experience in this area to make the transitions successful. We will operate with a pro-active attitude and approach in every market.

Badgerland Trading Company uses sales calls as a primary tool for generating sales. Sales calls are invaluable to our industry and allow us to get across the most information in a limited amount of time, as well make that personal connection that is so important. This is true for almost every marketplace.Face-to-face meetings encourage representative-client relationships and are necessary for our people to keep in touch with what the customer's needs are.

BTC will also employ these principles to promote product:

Telemarketing and Mailings

  • Keeping in touch with our customers keeps your product on their minds.
  • Consistent mailings make sure customers are updated with current information, new updates and sales specials.

Promotional sales meetings

  • Promotional meetings often include items such as "counter lunches" that will help promote a product as well as educate the counter salesperson.
  • Delivering and setting up counter displays showcasing your product.

Local advertising in trade publication.

  • Local trade publications are a great way to get a product known and heard about to wide range of people with a minimal investment.

Badgerland Trading Company has put its personnel on manufacturer review boards, state associations and local chapters of national associations to ensure that BTC and your product has a louder voice in the plumbing industry, BTC is an active member of AIM/R, WAPHCC, PMC, ASSE and ASPE. BTC will also be very active in Builder's Exchange. This allows us access to pre-construction information that is quick and applicable to state jobs. We feel this is a better service than F.W. Dodge, but we do consider all information.