We earn our money the
Wisconsin way, "We Work"


We have the knowledge and experience to work with distributors, engineers, mechanical contractors, and major residential contractors to sell a manufacturer's product. Aggressive, confident and skilled at many aspects of sales and promotion, Badgerland Trading Company can represent your product with success.

One of the most valuable assets Badgerland Trading Company (BTC) has is experience. Because a manufacturer cannot be at all places at one time, it depends on people who know the area to help assess product marketability, promote the product and provide support.

  • Decades of inside and outside sales experience.
  • Field experience in the plumbing industry.
  • Experience in working with mechanical contractors, engineering firms and major residential contractors.
  • Experience in running a representative agency.
  • Manufacturing experience through owning and operating a manufacturing plant of plumbing supply products.
  • Ability to recognize and adapt to changing markets.
  • Promotion of product through a variety of methods.

Badgerland Trading Company can recognize end-user requirements and has the training and knowledge to successfully meet those needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Badgerland Trading Company has numerous advantages over existing agencies. Many firms are too complacent with existing lines, BTC plans to take advantage of their sluggishness and aggressively promote its products. BTC has the capability to stock manufactured products, giving it a distinct advantage over most of its competitors. Using a combination of experience and knowledge of the plumbing industry, the ability to promote product and the ability to get products specified, Badgerland Trading Company has become an established, well respected and formidable sales force.


Badgerland Trading Company will use its experience and knowledge of the plumbing industry to become a leading representative in the region. We have the ability to work with distributors, engineers, mechanical contractors and major residential contractors to get your product sold. We are committed to both the customer and the manufacturer. The Badgerland Trading Company standards of commitment are as follows:

  • We are committed to each other at BTC to show respect, honesty, dignity and loyalty.
  • We are committed to the manufacturers we represent, their management and all personnel to treat them as fellow employees as mentioned above.
  • We are committed to represent the manufacturers as their employees and as if we were large stockholders in their company; we are their image in our trading area.
  • We are committed to the manufacturers that we represent to always present their products as if we developed them ourselves.
  • We are committed to serving the manufacturer and customer with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.
  • We are committed to manufacturers we represent to make every effort not to sell product lines that are competing.
  • We are committed to the plumbing industry, especially locally related organizations. We will volunteer our efforts to leave this industry better than we received it.